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For all types of visas, applicant has to submit original Passport along with its photocopy, two passport size photographs and any other document which can be helpful in obtaining visa.

bullet Tourist visa
bullet Pilgrim visa
bullet Business visa
bullet Journalist visa
bullet Diplomatic and official visa

Tourist visa

In case Visa Officer is satisfied about the purpose of visit, single entry visa for 40.80 is issued to visitor or tourist holding British Passport. For British passport holders with expired Pakistani passport, there is a concession on the visa fee. Those holding expired Pakistani passport with the age of 18 or above are charged 20.80 and those who are below 18 years are charged 10.80 Such applicants must produce their expired Pakistani passports. Applicants with parents holding Pakistani passport get the same concession provided they produce original detailed birth certificate and their parents' Pakistani passports. Download visa form

Pilgrim visa

Pilgrim Visa is issued to those who wish to visit holy places (Shrines/Gurdawaras) in Pakistan. It is allowed to groups of pilgrims and is normally restricted for a specified period. The pilgrim visa is essentially for single entry. We need two months notice for such applications. Single entry visa is issued for 45. Download visa form

Business visa

Business Visa has three categories: Single Entry for 68, Double Entry for 90 and Multiple Entry for 122. Download visa form

Journalist Visa

Journalist Visa has three categories: Single Entry valid for six months, Fee-40.80 (Requirements), Double Entry valid for six months,  Fee-54.80(Requirements) and Multiple Entry valid for one year, Fee- 74.80 (Requirements). For making Documentary/Film (Requirements). These fees are for British Nationals only. Journalist Visa applications are routed through Information Division. Media Persons (employed in Radio, TV, Newspapers & News Agencies and having journalistic assignment only) can apply for Journalist Visa. Private Film Production companies/Advertising Filming companies can apply for making Documentary/Film after getting commissioning letter from daily Newspaper/T.V.Channel. Download Visa Application Form. Download Computer Proforma. Download Form A.

Diplomatic and official visa

Diplomatic and Official visas are issued free of charge to those who are going on an official assignment. Download visa form



Entry is refused to Nationals of Israel


Passports must be valid for 6 Months  Required, but NOT by the Following:

Members of the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom holding identity cards and movement orders travelling on Duty. Holders of United Nations Laissez-Passer travelling on duty. Holders of a valid Seaman Book Travelling on duty to join or being repatriated from a vessel

Pakistan High Commission,
35 - 36 Lowndes Square, London SW1X 9JN  Tel: 0207 664 9200 -- Fax: 0207 664 9224

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Pakistan Tourist Information Centre (UK)
13 High Road; London NW10 2TE
Tel.: +44 845 226 1786   Fax: +44 845 280 0647